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2015 HSV Senator Signature Review

It looks great the engine is mind blowing . The auto suits the engine like a glove . this is my third senator & its the best ,interior is luxury . it would be nice to have the choice of the supercharged engine . I bought it because it will be the last of its type also hsv have got all the packaged right .there has been some recalls but for minor things...

2011 HSV GTs (dual Fuel) Review

When i was first looking at buying a 2011 GTS, my main thought that was in mind was the sheer power. With a 6.2L supercharged V8, 325kW came so very easily. The GTS is a manual and with my type of driving (daily commuter) is a little thirsty. The sound is absolutely unique. Pulling away from the Happy Valley lights at 5am with no other vehicle in sight is a sound to behold...

2009 HSV Maloo R8 Review

My experience with HSV is a 0 out of 10 I am afraid extremely difficult company to deal with and resolve any real issues. The rear compartment of my Maloo has leaked like a river. HSV didn't want to know about and referred me to some very small print in their glossy catalogue. I can't even go out bush and throw my swag in the back...

2013 HSV Clubsport R8 Review

HSV have spent their time developing the new Gen-F platform very well. It's a generational leap that puts HSV up there with the typical Euro picks. The well-established LS3 platform and drivetrain is carried over from the VE series, with minor tweaks, delivering an excellent ride...


Very impressed with the looks and handling of this car. Shame you cant get LPG conversion. Good fun car and very good on fuel on the highway. I have got it down to 9L/100km set on cruise control at 110km/h. Overall very impressed. Glad I bought it.


I was so excited to get a 20th-anniversary HSV R8 Maloo. After a few months car was veering always to left. I was told it was camber but after some wheel alignments same still.. I need to hold and concentrate a lot when driving this car, then there's the driver's door not closing properly, belts always making noise... OMG...

2010 HSV MALOO GXP Review

After purchasing our new HSV Maloo GXP in July 2010, 7 months later the clutch developed a knocking noise. The gearbox had to be removed and the clutch replaced, by warranty. 14 months later the gearbox developed a clunking noise when changing between 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear. We are still having a battle to have the gearbox replaced after it was diagnosed as a design flaw in the Maloo GXP 2010 models...

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