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2017 HSV GTS 30 Years review

No longer the brand's halo car, Dave hits the road, and the track, in the last-ever locally-built HSV GTS to find out if the model's still special...

2016 HSV GTS Review : GenF-2 Sedan

James takes a ride on the Highway to Hell in the 2016 HSV GTS - and brings AC/DC along for the ride...

2013 HSV GTS Review

The fastest car Australia has ever produced, tested at the best racetrack the country has to offer.

HSV GTS Review

Brilliant Aussie muscle car at less than half the price of its German competitors...

HSV GTS E2 Supercar - Walkinshaw Performance

Walkinshaw's 480kW HSV. For times when 325kW isn't enough. Model Tested: 2010 HSV GTS E2 Supercar - Walkinshaw Performance; 6.2-litre V8 supercharged; six-speed manual $49,920 2010 Holden Commodore SS-V Sportwagon - Walkinshaw Performance; 6.0-litre V8 supercharged; six-speed automatic $43,990 Options: Walkinshaw Performance options, read below...

HSV E2 GTS Review & Road Test

With more front than Elle and bigger balls than the Rundle Mall, this is how Australia does Grand Touring.

2007 E-series HSV GTS Road Test

The HSV Senator I drove a little while back didn’t do it for me, the six-speed gearbox felt a bit woollen and agricultural and just didn’t feel up to the task. With that, I gave HSV a call in a last ditch attempt to regain my faith in the marque. I went in of a Monday afternoon and there it was, a blue GTS waiting for me...