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2019 Honda Jazz VTi-S review

Class-beating practicality aside, the Honda Jazz's appeal is starting to dim a bit in the wake of newer, more tech-laden rivals.

2018 Honda Jazz VTi review

The base $15,990 drive-away Honda Jazz VTi variant is the version that makes the most sense. If you want reliable, roomy and unpretentious motoring that will cost you next to nothing, then this is your next car.

2018 Honda Jazz review: VTi-L

We love the Honda Jazz for the unbelievable practicality that it brings to the segment, but at this price point, it doesn't make a lot of sense.

2016 Honda Jazz VTi-S review: Long-term report six – farewell

So that’s it – goodbye, farewell, and we’ll miss you to the 2016 Honda Jazz VTi-S. It has been an ideal city car, a perfectly practical runabout that served its time with our staff without hassle, with plenty of colour and fun. Plenty of the CarAdvice team spent time with the Jazz, whether it was just running home and back, or out to meetings, or taking it away for the weekend – it saw plenty of love during its time with us...

2016 Honda Jazz VTi-S review: Long-term report five – highway and country driving

We already know that the 2016 Honda Jazz VTi is designed for the city - so how does it handle the open road? We took it on the highway and over country back roads to find out.

2016 Honda Jazz VTi-S review: Long-term report four – urban driving

The 2016 Honda Jazz VTi-S is a city car by all measures - it's small, nimble and clever. So how does it handle the cut and thrust of urban driving? Read on to find out.

2016 Honda Jazz VTi-S review: Long-term report three – interior

The 2016 Honda Jazz VTi-S is, by far, the most practical light hatchback on the market. We explored the practicality on offer by way of its clever Magic Seats.

2016 Honda Jazz VTi-S Review: Long-term report two - infotainment UPDATED

The 2016 Honda Jazz VTi-S was one of the first city cars to get a standard touchscreen media system with rear-view camera. Has it stood up to the test of time?

2016 Honda Jazz VTi-S review: Long-term report one – introduction

Our latest long-termer is the 2016 Honda Jazz VTi-S. Why did we choose it?

Australia's cheapest new cars

Looking for a new car on a small budget? Here are eight of the cheapest new cars available Australia-wide, right now. As you would expect, they are all micro or light cars and, unless otherwise stated, the price excludes on-road costs like registration, stamp duty and CTP. If you shop around, though, you can find great drive-away deals and special offers...

City car comparison : Mazda 2 v Volkswagen Polo v Toyota Yaris v Honda Jazz v Renault Clio

In the past few months, fresh technology once the reserve of expensive premium cars has made a final cascade to one of the most affordable classes – light hatchbacks. The ‘cascade effect’ is nothing new in the automotive industry, where advanced equipment starts only in the priciest cars and eventually filters down into cheaper models as years go by...

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