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Our latest long-termer is the 2016 Honda Jazz VTi-S. Why did we choose it?
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LIST PRICE Fr $19,790
FUEL ECONOMY 5.8/100km

2003 Honda Jazz VTi review

I purchased an '03 Honda Jazz VTi 14 months ago because I was sick of driving my jacked-up, highly modified 4x4 Toyota Hilux to work and back every day. I work a white-collar office job and don't need my ute Monday to Friday, but I live in the CUB (cashed-up bogan) life on the weekend, frequently going camping, dirt biking, mountain biking etc which requires me to own a dual-cab ute...

2006 Honda Jazz VTi review

GETTING JAZZY I purchased my 2006 Honda Jazz VTi in 2017 with 185,000kms on the clock, looking for something cheap, economical, zippy and reliable. To my delight, the Jazz has exceeded in fulfilling these requirements. The Jazz was an upgrade from my first car, a 1998 Toyota Vienta (read Camry) V6...

2009 Honda Jazz VTi-S review

We bought the Honda Jazz new in 2009, a VTiS model, in manual. It hasn't missed a beat in 88,000km. We call it a VUV (versatile use vehicle) - because it is simply the most versatile small vehicle on the market. It fits me (short-legged, long-backed) at 183cm, “just”...

2018 Honda Jazz VTi Review

Over the last few years I have owned a variety of cars from a 2005 Mazda 3 Neo, 1990 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.6 and a 2015 BMW 125i hatchback. The last car, the 125i, was a decent drive however it wasn’t as raw and involving as I expected. My wife and I weren’t driving it a lot either as we take public transport during the working week...

2017 Honda Jazz VTi review

  A nice little red town car and useful for occasional trips further out. This car is shared by myself and the wife. My wife enjoys the interior space it offers and its handy door pockets. She finds it easy to drive, and it feels much bigger once you are in it than the outside looks. A bit like Dr Who's TARDIS...

2007 Honda Jazz GLi Review

Sometimes things are not what they seem. Within the confines of their covers, hidden virtues reside, unseen from casual glances and glossed over by superficial eyes. As the axiom goes; “do not judge a book by its cover” because a book’s sketchy facade may mask a surprising performance from an eloquent engineer of words...

2007 Honda Jazz VTi Review

Feeling extremely lucky, I purchased an 07 Jazz last year with only 12000kms on the clock! It had had only one owner and was in excellent condition. I enjoyed driving my car so much that, within a year I had clocked up 22000 more kilometres. I called her my little van because anything from IKEA was fair game for my car and I had even fitted a couch into the boot...

2014 Honda Jazz GLi Review

Not impressed with the Honda Jazz I find it uncomfortable to drive sitting in too long on long drives, I feel sorry for anyone in the back to squashy. It has no get up and go especially overtaking forget it you won't make it. I have mine serviced at Honda and the price I pay to service it I could buy a 95 civic...

2007 Honda Jazz GLi Review

Compared with other small cars in this price range, the Honda Jazz trumps them all, which explains why I see so many others on the road. With excellent fuel consumption, quite a roomy interior for a small car and foldable seats, the Jazz is a good sized five-door hatch that's a must if you have kids...

2011 HONDA JAZZ VTi Review

Jazz has a versatile interior for sure and though the seats looks thin and hard they give good adjustment to find a comfortable driving position. The car seems quite agile and not as noisy as some competitors, but the fuel consumption is very disappointing. Most cars do better on a run. Not the Honda Jazz...

2012 HONDA JAZZ Review

I have done 10,000 km in my Jazz and I’ve found the car has lived up to my expectations. Did my homework prior to the purchase, comparing the Fiesta and the Swift to the Honda. Fiesta and Swift were the most fun to drive, but the interiors were not up to the standard of the Honda, particularly the seats. Also for sheer versatility the Honda could not be beaten...