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A new diesel engine that is smaller but generates more power and is more efficient. That's the headline for the limited edition Honda CR-V DTi L. We take a closer look at the other positives for this new model.
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LIST PRICE Fr $44,290
FUEL ECONOMY 5.9/100km

2003 Honda CR-V (4x4) Sport review

I have owned many different vehicles since I got my licence at the age of 18. My very first Honda Scamp was a very reliable vehicle that was extra cheap to run and operate, although it was very basic and did not have air-conditioning, power steering or a good sound system. Now I am 63 and this is the second Honda that I have owned...

2006 Honda CR-V (4x4) Sport review

When thinking of a car to write about today, I dare say I have a few to choose from: my 1973 Mini, which was my first car, for example; my ’85 XF Panel van – the best-ever car to have as an 18-year-old; hell, even my parents’ 2017 Impreza RS would have been a worthy contender...

2003 Honda CR-V (4x4) Sport review

I bought this vehicle in December of 2017 from a friend of mine, and it has been one of my favourite Hondas after owning various vehicles since obtaining my licence all those many years ago. My very first car was a Honda Scamp with its two-stroke engine, which was very reliable and very cheap to run. But the body of the car rusted, yet the rest of the car just kept on going...

2013 Honda CR-V VTi (4x4) Review

This is a car the brands you as a breeder, albeit more subtly than a people mover would. After all it is an SUV and that is kind of tough and cool. Since I am on the topic of breeding or family transport, the Honda CRV is a very spacious five-seater that is immensely practical. Rear legroom and luggage space is massive...

2012 Honda CR-V VTi (4x2) Review

Have had my Honda CRV for 2 1/2 yrs, (3rd Honda) but very disappointed with this model. Perhaps it is this particular vehicle, as I have a couple of little problems with it. Mainly take off, seems to chug a lot and will not increase speed past 60kmh for first 1-2 kms, this is an intermittent problem. Dealership and Honda Australia keep telling me it is a "peculiarity" of this model in manual...

2014 Honda CR-V Dti-L Review

We were in the market for an SUV, like most of the country considering the abundance of them these days. After looking at the most popular models like the Rav-4, CX-5 and the VW Tiguan, we decided for the Honda. Almost all SUV’s come in a diesel and I’d be very surprised at anyone who would specifically go for a petrol version...

2005 HONDA CRV (4x4) Review

Our family has two CR-Vs, a 2005 5-speed manual 2.4 litre base model (mine), and a 2004 4-speed auto 2.4 litre "Winter Classic" (wife's). Both cars have always been serviced by the Honda dealer, both have done 200,000kms plus, both have been totally reliable, never required anything other than scheduled service parts. Both still drive "like new"...