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The 2017 Honda Civic VTi sedan is affordable and inoffensive. But is there a catch?
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LIST PRICE Fr $22,390
FUEL ECONOMY 6.4/100km

2019 Honda Civic VTi-L sedan review

The Civic VTi-L now gets active safety kit for 2019, but is that enough to kick it with the class leaders?

Life-size LEGO Honda Civic Type R debuts in Melbourne: We talk with the man behind its build

Life-sized LEGO projects are serious business. Thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of bricks go into most, with subjects that range from towering giraffes and elephants to motorised Bugattis and decked-out Kombi campers. Scaling things down a little, even the legendary Saturn V rocket and Darth Vader's iconic Death Star have been rendered in huge but not-quite-life-sized form...

Behind the wheel of the first-generation Honda Civic

Usually, when we have a classic car visit our garage, we undertake an old versus new comparison, pointing out differences in driving, exterior, and technology etc. But not this time. When Honda offered us a drive of the first-generation 1973 Honda Civic it recently acquired, we wanted to give it the spotlight, as its younger sibling, the tenth-generation 2018 Honda Civic, has seen plenty of it since its launch in 2016...

2018 Honda Civic Type R review: road test

We loved the bewinged, turbocharged Civic Type R at the track, but is this hot Honda easier to live with than its predecessor?

2018 Honda Civic Type R review

The Honda Civic Type R has arrived in Oz to try and nab the crown as King Of The Reasonably Priced Fun Cars. But first, we see if the front-drive Nurburgring lap record holder's hotness translates to local roads and track.

2017 Honda Civic RS hatch long-term review, report six: farewell

Our three months in the 2017 Honda Civic RS flew by, and now Matt Campbell doesn't want to give it back.

2017 Honda Civic VTi hatch review

The Honda Civic has received rave reviews for refinement and drivability, but how does the entry-level 1.8-litre perform? Paul Maric finds out.

2017 Honda Civic RS hatch long-term review, report five: country driving

For this long-term update on the 2017 Honda Civic RS hatch, we handed the keys to Sam Rawlings, our video production co-ordinator. Here's what he thought of it. The long weekend was ahead; I was swapping the misery of Sydney for the peacefulness of my hometown of Orange and I needed a car thanks to my own being out of action...

2017 Honda Civic RS hatch long-term review, report four: urban driving

Let's be honest, there's a big perception problem around the 2017 Honda Civic RS hatch. People in the office who ended up taking it for a spin, got into it thinking – because of the RS badge and the aggressive/outspoken styling –that it was going to be a hot hatch. Or, at least a warm hatch...

2017 Honda Civic RS hatch long-term review, report three: infotainment

I don’t know why you’d need a calculator to be a function of your car's infotainment system, but that’s one of the inclusions in the new-generation Honda Civic hatch. It’s even more baffling when you think about the lack of satellite navigation in anything but the top-spec VTi-LX model – but Honda argues buyers of the rest of the models in the range, like our RS hatch, will more likely use their phone for mapping...

2017 Honda Civic RS hatch long-term review, report two: interior

If there’s a brand known for cockpit practicality, it’s this one. And up until this generation, the Honda Civic hatch was the standard bearer in the small car segment. But that’s no longer the case, as the 2017 Honda Civic hatch has done away with its brilliant Magic Seat system that allowed you to store anything from pot plants to pushbikes in the back seat area...