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The 2017 Honda Civic VTi sedan is affordable and inoffensive. But is there a catch?
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LIST PRICE Fr $22,390
FUEL ECONOMY 6.4/100km


This is my first Honda. I looked at the Holden, Mazda and Corolla but the roomy feel and the engine performance plus it is a Honda so I expect a better level of performance and reliability than these others. It seems to have plenty of power for a 1.8-litre engine. Accelerates really well. Fuel economy is great, about 7L/100km...

2008 HONDA CIVIC VTi Review

Reliability and fun to drive – the Civic is a car that embodies the philosophy of Honda that has made it such a successful car manufacturer. From the low seating position and well-bolstered seats, you immediately feel a part of the car as opposed to being ‘on’ that other car makers seem to commonly overlook...

2010 HONDA CIVIC Review

When released in 2006, Honda Civic was streets ahead of the competition. In terms of design, it still holds its own. the dash features a large digital speedo and other essential gauges split away from less important ones such that the driver can keep his eyes on the road and still read the speedo (without a head-up display)...


When I set out to buy a hot hatch I went through the WRX, XR5, Golf, Megane, Lancer Ralliart, etc. The Type-R was the only car where a sexy head turning exterior transitioned to the interior too. No other car in this range provided the looks on the inside as well as the outside and this was important to me...

2008 HONDA CIVIC Review

The 2008 Honda Civic is a departure from its usual Civic styling, the most radical being the interior. The split dashboard with the digital speedo and the conventional tacho down below may not appeal to all but you get used to it in a few hours of driving. It may seem a gimmick but actually helps with reducing the time taken to check the speed...