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2003 Honda Accord Euro Review

Today I will be reviewing my ever-practical 2003 Accord R, by Honda. Making a statement amongst other large four-door cars by being fitted from factory with a high revving, 2-litre red top K-series engine, 6-speed transmission, Recaro bucket seats and handling to match. This is the second Honda in the family now, for which the Accord is backed up by my track-prepped Civic Type R...

2011 Honda Accord Euro review

I wrote a review on my first car, a 2011 Mazda 3 Neo (review was posted as a 2010, my bad) last year, and spoke to its positives. I got a good deal on it, and after a year and a half of ownership and 20,000km put on it, I managed to sell it for more than I paid...

2011 Honda Accord Euro Luxury review

The third time my beloved WL Caprice was on the back of a tow truck, this time due to a busted coolant hose, I decided enough was enough. I ended up selling it to the RACV repair man who came to tell me what was wrong with it, and thus began my search for a new car. This was very difficult because I would miss the sheer amount of space and comfort, the lazy torque from its engine and whisper quiet travel it guaranteed on road trips...

2015 Honda Accord Sport Hybrid review

My father purchased the Accord Hybrid after seven years of driving an ’04 Accord V6 Luxury, which certainly made an impression. However, after a minor accident that saw a not inconsiderable repair bill, September 2017 saw us waving farewell to the 2004 Accord V6 Luxury that our family had owned since 2010...

2008 Honda Accord Euro Luxury Review

We bought our 6-speed manual CL9 Luxury Euro new in February 2008 – it was one of the last CL9 models left in the country prior to the CU2 (the last, and larger Euro) release. Our Euro is now at ~92,xxxkms. Initial run-in seemed to take forever – between 2,000 to 3,000kms before it loosened-up...

2013 Honda Accord Euro Luxury Navi Review

Deciding to retire my 2010 Holden Cruze CDX Diesel as I was beginning to have a few problems (4 Fuel feed lines in 3 years, Shock Absorbers, CV Shafts, and 2 sets of break pads all in 65,000km) I decided to shop around a little, I wasn't going to go back to a Holden dealership as I wasn't going to own another re-badged Daewoo...

2004 Honda Accord V6 Review

The search for a new car came, after the 13 year old faithful Toyota Corona, parked on the side of the road was involved in a hit and run, resulted in extensive damage to the rear and roof making it a write off. In 2005 we wanted a reasonably priced mid-size Japanese V6; test drove the Nissan Maxima, felt clumsy, and ruled out the Camry at the time as it was near the end of its product cycle...

2012 Honda Accord VTi Review

This is the perfect family sedan. The interior feels as spacious as a large family sedan but you only have to worry about paying the fuel bill for a 2.4L engine. The interior is very comfortable and built to a high quality. I love the styling of the front of the vehicle although I think the designers got the rear wrong...

2008 Honda Accord Euro Review

How can I express how much I love my Honda Accord Euro Not only does it look beautiful it have great fuel consumption for its size, it also handles and brakes well, is extremely comfortable and is easy to park. Even my mechanic loves my car. Honda is a great choice for style, quality and value for money.


Very happy customer. Car is very reliable, pleasant, smooth drive. No probs in five years. Very happy with fuel consumption, especially on highways. Highly recommended.


Extremely uncomfortable front seats - like concrete blocs. Also, design issue – the back part dips too low and there is no sufficient lumbar support. There are many drivers’ complaints on the internet about this problem with Honda Accord. The seat caused me so much back pain I had to sell the car back to the dealer at great financial loss.

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