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2014 Holden Volt Review

With newer competitors now on the enviro-scene, we jump into the Holden Volt to find out how it stacks up almost two years after its local launch…...

2014 Holden Volt Speed Date

I wanted to add some spark to the relationship with the Holden Volt so we zapped into town to see the latest "Transformers" movie.

2012 Holden Volt Review

Why Holden's new $60,000, tech-laden Volt, could be a game changer for electric cars.

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2017 Opel Ampera - 2016 Paris Motor Show

Finally an affordable, EV city car with a decent 500km range. The Opel Ampera (Chevrolet Bolt) was designed in Australia but sadly is at this stage a left-hand drive only proposition. It shows what can be done however, and we look forward to seeing what GM can produce down the line.

Electric cars comparison : BMW i8 v Holden Volt v Mitsubishi PHEV v Nissan Leaf v Toyota Prius - Read the article here. Dan and Tegan put five classes of electric vehicles to the test - ranging from compact city cars, to the new BMW i8 sports car.

Holden Volt Comparisons

Electric cars comparison : BMW i8 v Holden Volt v Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV v Nissan Leaf v Toyota Prius

For the first time in the history of the automobile, we are entering an era of increasingly mainstream propulsion beyond the traditional internal combustion engine (ICE). Choose petrol or diesel, or gas or an ethanol blend, leave the engine unassisted or put a turbocharger or supercharger on it – these have been your options for as long as anyone reading this has been alive...

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2013 Holden Volt recalled

Holden has recalled the 2013 Volt, over concerns of a 'low cell voltage condition' in the battery pack. According to the company, the fault could make owners suffer a reduction or loss of forward movement, and the car mightn't start. Owners will notice a warning light on the dashboard if the problem occurs...

Right-hook ruled out for GM's "democratised" Bolt and Ampera-e EVs

Tesla needn't worry about its affordability-focused Model 3 being challenged by General Motors' new Bolt EV in Australia - it won't be coming here. The Bolt was first revealed in market-ready form back in January, with a 150kW/360Nm electric motor fuelled by a 60kWh battery pack...

2017 Opel Ampera spied in Europe: Holden Ampera to follow in Australia?

Chevrolet’s new Volt plug-in hybrid EV has been spied this week in its European-market Opel and Vauxhall form, opening the door once again to potential for an Australian launch...

Autonomous Chevrolet Volts to operate at GM R&D centre

General Motors will next year begin operating a fleet of self-driving Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrids at its main research and development centre in Detroit. According to the American automaker, the self-driving Volts will operate within the grounds of the Warren Technical Center, around 29 kilometres north of downtown Detroit...

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Holden Volt Owner Reviews

2013 Holden Volt Hybrid Review

I've owned my Volt for the past 7 months and have only been to the petrol station twice !!! It drives fantastic and is saving me a fortune in fuel. I was spending $800 a month running 2 cars, now our main car is a Volt and our second car is a Prius. The Volt is incredibly smooth to drive and has great acceleration with low down torque...