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500Nm, 4x4 ability and room for seven souls aboard. Is Holden's Trailblazer the forgotten option for adventurous families?
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LIST PRICE From $44,120
FUEL ECONOMY 8.6/100km
SEAT null

2018 Holden Trailblazer LT (4x4) review

I've had the car 10 months and 25,000km. I drove all the opposition and this was the best bang for my buck. I was fortunate to buy when Holden was offering $1000 off, seven-year warranty and five years of fixed-price servicing. None of the competitors could match that, which gave me the confidence to battle through the buying process with the dealer...

2018 Holden Trailblazer Z71 (4x4) review

I have had my Trailblazer for about two months now, and have so far been very happy with it. I bought it for daily driving and towing, and it’s been outstanding for both. It tows my old Kombi on a car trailer effortlessly, and also gets up and goes very well when I want it to. The interior plastics feel a little average for the level of car, but the seats are comfortable enough and the interior looks good...