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2012 Walkinshaw Holden Cruze Review

The Walkinshaw Holden Cruze is the beginning of a new chapter for locally tuned performance cars.

2011 Holden Cruze Hatch Review

The locally built Holden Cruze hatch is the perfect answer to the ever-expanding list of European and Asian cars crowding the segment.

2011 Holden Cruze Review

2011 Holden Cruze Driving Impressions If I was impressed with Holden’s new Series II Cruze in base model CD spec with the optional 2.0 litre turbo diesel powerplant on the first day of this press launch, then my enthusiasm for this model just did a triple somersault with back flip after a quick (read fast punt) steer in the surprisingly agile 1...

2011 Holden Cruze Review (SRi-V 1.4T)

Cruze now comes with two sport models to set the pulse racing, we jumped behind the wheel to test them out.

2011 Holden Cruze Review

New styling, new engines and more features. The Holden Series II Cruze is a serious contender for Australia’s best small car.

2010 Holden Cruze Review

The Holden Cruze continues its head-to-head rivalry with small car veterans.

Holden Cruze vs Ford Focus Diesel

Who will win the battle for diesel supremacy? When it comes to buying a decent small to mid size diesel car, it's slim pickings at this end of the price scale, but with the recently released Holden Cruze throwing the metaphoric cat - or is that lion - among the pigeons, we thought we'd pair this newcomer against the ever popular Ford Focus this week to see which comes out in front...

2009 Holden Cruze - Review & Road Test

2009 Holden Cruze CD Review & Road Test The struggle to be noticed Model Tested: 2009 Holden Cruze CD - 2.0-litre, four-cylinder, SOHC, turbo diesel, six-speed auto - $25,990 Options: none fitted CarAdvice Rating: - by Nadine Armstrong With its homogeneous styling and extensive ‘small car’ credentials, the new Holden Cruze wedges its way into a crowded line-up of disturbingly similar cars...

2009 Holden Cruze - First Steer

2009 Holden Cruze - First Steer The small car just got serious - by Matt Brogan The small car just got serious - at least that's what GM Holden tells us - but would a day behind the wheel prove the latest competitor in the small/mid-sized market has what it takes to tackle the rivals head on? Holden has done its homework with Cruze and thanks to some clever engineering and thorough thinking, has managed to co-produce a global car that is "right" for the Australian market, and indeed the segment in which it aims to compete...

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