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For the price premium, you get lots of extras and even some custom body work on the tray to help the big Colorado stand out from the crowd.
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LIST PRICE Fr $47,180
FUEL ECONOMY 9.1/100km

2017 Holden Colorado LS (4x4) review

One of the perks of working in my industry is that more often than not, a work vehicle will be provided in lieu of you needing to own a personal car. This has its pros, namely being that you escape the hassle (and cost) of insurance and registration, but also has its cons in that the choice of vehicle you drive is at the mercy of somebody who only cares about their bottom dollar...

2017 Holden Colorado LTZ (4x4) review

Wowee, what a mule! These trucks have come a long way over the last few years. Every time I hop into my big, blue Collie, it is like taking the missus out spontaneously to a fancy restaurant: you know she sure will be impressed, you have a giant smile on your face, and she is sure to show you the love straight after...

2012 Holden Colorado LX (4x4) review

To start this review, I need to be upfront and say that I don't own this car. But I feel that after driving it for the better part of 70,000km over the last 18 months, I probably have enough experience to let people know what's what. Tomorrow I hand it back (to my employer) in preparation to receive a new vehicle this week, so I thought if I didn’t review it now, I never would...

2017 Holden Colorado Z71 (4x4) review

This is my second Colorado as the first was very reliable. I went for the Z71 as I am swapping out of my GU Patrol. The appeal for the Z71 was the leather interior and the tech equipment. I love the auto headlights; saves me remembering to turn them off on dull rainy days. The rear-view camera is great and works in combination with the parking sensors...

2017 Holden Colorado Z71 (4x4) review

I looked around at a new car to replace my Nissan Patrol ST 2010 model, which I have owned since brand new. I looked at the Holden Colorado, Ford Ranger and the Nissan Patrol. I took all three cars for a test drive. At the end of the day I was so impressed with the Holden Colorado Z71. The car has so much power for being a 2.8-litre...

2015 Holden Colorado Z71 (4x4) Review

My 2015 Z71 blows my traded in VE Thunder ute out of the water as both my daily driver and as a weekend toy tower. With fuel use at around 8.4l/100km unladen and 10.5/100km towing my racecar. I am regularly complimented on colour choice (Orange Rock). I never saw myself as a 4x4 ute owner, now after 10 months and 40,000 kms, I wonder why I never bought one before...

2016 Holden Colorado LTZ (4x4) Review

**DISCLAIMER - This is not my car, but is owned by my father. I have driven it quite a few times while at home on holidays without my car, these are my experiences** I've always had and driven small cars and performance sedans, like my old tuned Audi A4 and my current Fiesta ST so getting in a car that's almost as big as a house was a little disconcerting, especially when backing out of the driveway without using my trusty rear camera in the Fiesta...

2014 Holden Colorado Lx (4x4) Review

My ute is a crew cab, cab chassis, fitted with an aftermarket steel tray by SpecGroup in Wodonga Victoria, IronMan Foam Cell Pro Suspension, ARB bull bar and fog lights. I also have a canvas canopy for the tray and SpecGroup framing for it. What I love: 1. The grunt - It will pull like a 15yo and easily tow 3T. The uprated rear suspension is a must as it helps keep it level...

2015 Holden Colorado Ls Review

The LS model comes out with most of the features of the higher priced models but has the vinal floors for those who like dirt on there boots. The 500nm torque creates a pleasurable towing experience with 2.6t behind. I also run arb steel bulbar, dual batteries, canopy, rear draws and always full. Total weight about 2.8t. 5.9t GCM so almost pushing the limit...

2014 Holden Colorado Lx Review

I have purchased a 2014 LX 4x4 crew cab Colorado and i am very disappointed with noise intrusion in the cabin, a lot of noise seems to come from around the door area, not sure whether it is the bad design of the door seals or the windows not sealing when fully up, as I cracked open the drivers window minutely and the noise level did not change...