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2016 Holden Colorado 7 Review: run-out round-up

Holden is retiring the Colorado 7 name with the Trailblazer special edition. There’s lots of gear and plenty of value to be had if tourin’, towin’ and adventurin’ are your thing.

2017 Holden Colorado and Trailblazer engineering development drive

It's not uncommon for members of the public to spy pre-development vehicles being driven around the traps by manufacturers ahead of their launches. It's less common when the vehicles being driven are not produced in Australia. And, it's even less common when we're allowed to drive them...

2015 Holden Colorado 7 LTZ Review: Sand driving

Sponsored by Holden. Life is busy - too often we plan to do something on the weekend, get away from it all, escape the everyday - and rarely do. But what if you actually did all those things? Sand driving is one of those 'that would be fun' ideas that too-often end up falling victim to couch-time or a BBQ and beers...

2015 Holden Colorado and Colorado 7 Review

Holden has released a subtly upgraded Colorado for MY15. The competition isn't getting any easier though.

2014 Holden Colorado 7 LTZ Speed Date

"Can you name the truck with four wheel drive, smells like a steak and seats 35?" Well, it seats seven... COLORADO! The big Holden SUV and I were on multiple-children minding duty, so it was off to the park with ice creams in the back and some tunes in the front!

Holden Colorado 7 v Isuzu MU-X: Comparison review

Holden's rugged SUV feels more at home off the road than on it, as Matt Campbell finds out.

2012 Holden Colorado 7 Review

Can Holden's take on a ute-based SUV be more convincing than the Mitsubishi Challenger and Nissan Pathfinder?