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2019 Holden Commodore Calais V Tourer: Reader review

Anyone who frequents our comments will know readers don't always agree with the expert reviews published on CarAdvice. Our team of road testers and journalists are lucky to drive lots of cars, but that also means we approach things from a certain angle. Rather than hogging the keys, we're slinging them to frequent site visitors, commenters and members of owner groups...

2018 Holden Calais review

Strip away preconceptions and the Holden Calais hatch presents as a highly competent mid-sized car with notable dynamics, though does the value quite stack up?

2018 Holden Calais-V Tourer review

Holden spins its upmarket wagon into an all-road adventurer with the Calais-V Tourer. Following a formula familiar to Adventra owners thanks to all-paw grip and SUV styling, the Tourer serves the needs of Aussie families in a new way for the Lion brand.

2017 Holden Calais V V6 sedan review

It'll soon be gone, but the Australian-built 2017 Holden Calais V V6 won't be forgotten.

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2018 Holden Calais-V Tourer review: Adventra reborn..?

Paul takes Holden's new jacked-up Commodore wagon, the Tourer, for a spin. Is this version, the top-shelf Calais-V, a worthy buy?

Fifty years of Holden Wagons - 2014 VF Calais Sportwagon v 1964 EH Special Wagon

The Holden Commodore Sportwagon is the only Australian-built station wagon you can buy. Wagons have been important to Australia, so James takes a look at two cars, fifty years apart - the 2014 Holden Calais V Sportwagon and the 1964 EH Holden Special Station Sedan. When the EH was on sale in 1964, Australia had a population of only 11 million people and was still a couple of years away from having decimal currency...

Holden Calais Review: a genuine luxury car for $39,990?

Jez Spinks finds out if the luxury version of the Commodore stands up as a premium car.

Holden VF Calais Video Review

New Calais proves that luxury cars don't have to be expensive.

Holden Calais Comparisons

2018 Holden Calais 2.0T v Toyota Camry SL Hybrid comparison

Comparing a Holden Commodore/Calais and Toyota Camry would have been incongruous until this year, when both entered new lives as imports. Now it seems perfectly natural to pit this front-drive pair against one another, despite a few differences in design and execution. It's the German-made Calais hatchback with turbocharged petrol engine versus the Japanese Camry sedan with petrol-electric hybrid drivetrain...

2018 Holden Calais-V Tourer v Subaru Outback 3.6R

Sunny days at the beach, camping trips at the weekend, making new paths to new destinations. Not quite what you’d expect a humble station wagon to do, yet for years Aussie families did just that with trusty and rugged Kingswoods and Falcons. Fast-forward to the present and times have changed...

Holden Calais V v Subaru Liberty 3.6R Comparison

The Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon were long the default options for families wanting a bucketload of space, a sporty drive and a powerful six-cylinder engine. And let’s not forget the somewhat less inspiring Toyota Aurion, too. Sometimes forgotten though, and somewhat pushed off to the side, is the mid-sized Subaru Liberty — especially in 3...

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Holden Calais News

CarAdvice podcast 111: Riding in the tiny turbocharged Honda S660

You're joined by Paul Maric, Mike Stevens, and Scott Collie this week. Discussing car news, the 2018 BMW 620d GT goes on sale from $99,900, pricing and specs for the 2019 Kia Sportage have been announced, the Toyota Supra has been teased once again, and customers with a Sunset Yellow Kia Stinger will be offered a full respray to replace defective paint...

2017 Holden Commodore pricing and specs: Final run of locally-made range now on sale

Pricing and specifications for the 2017 Holden Commodore range have been announced this week, the final update to the Australian-made range before local production ends in October. For the new year Holden has upgraded just about every variant with extra equipment, bar the entry-level Evoke, which starts at $33,490 plus on-road costs for the ute and $35,490 for the sedan...

Large Car Comparison (Ford-Holden-Honda-Toyota)

6-cylinder Luxury Large Car Showdown - Ford vs. Holden vs. Honda vs. Toyota 2008 FG Ford Falcon G6E vs. Holden Calais V6 vs. Honda Accord V6 Luxury vs. Toyota Aurion Presara Introduction Ford Falcon G6E Holden Commodore Calais V6 Honda Accord V6 Luxury Toyota Aurion Presara She Says Performance Figures Conclusion Model tested: 2008 Ford Falcon G6E Recommended Retail Price: $46,990...

Holden VE Calais V 60th Anniversary Special Edition

Holden has upped the ante with a new VE Calais V 60th Anniversary Special Edition. The car comes just at the right time to compete against Ford's new luxury Falcon range. The special edition comes with an array of additional features, most noteworthy being the electric sunroof and 19-inch SuperSport Alloy wheels...

Holden Calais Owner Reviews

2018 Holden Calais Tourer review

Happy seven-month anniversary to our ZB Tourer! It's just clicked over 43,000km. The Bad: It's all minor stuff that should have been addressed during the assessment and testing of the vehicle pre-production. The only somewhat significant issue is that the front end can bottom out going through dips on country roads at speed...

2018 Holden Calais V Review

“That’s not a real Commodore, what a POS!”... hmmm, how many times have we read those words written about the new ZB Commodore by both Holden loyalists and those that are just Holden haters and want to kick the company while its down? I understand the Holden diehards' apprehension. Because I’m one of them...

1984 Holden Calais review

A bit of a retrospective review here, as this car has been out of my possession for quite a while now. But it has a special place in my heart because it was my first car. Being a young 18-year-old male back in ’02 and looking for my first car meant I had two choices: a 'ricer' or a Commodore/ Falcon...

2018 Holden Calais-V Tourer review

Before I start this review, I will make this simple comment. I own what is now considered one of the most hated Holdens ever sold on Facebook and general social media in this country. I have been told that by many people on Facebook over the last three months since I took delivery of the car...

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