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Genesis G70 Reviews

2020 Genesis G70 3.3T Sport long-term review: Value for money

Does the Genesis G70 pack enough value for money to steer potentials away from a European?

2020 Genesis G70 3.3T Sport long-term review: The family test

While Korea's executive-express is more targeted at one or two on the daily commute, we put it to the test against family usage.

2020 Genesis G70 3.3T long-term review: Introduction

As the facelifted G70 draws near, we take a look at the current model to consider whether you should leap into a discounted 'runout' option now, or wait for the upgraded 2021 car.

2020 Genesis G70 Ultimate Sport 3.3T review

It’s the top dog in the G70 pack, but can Genesis capture a slice of the lucrative luxury mid-size sedan market?

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Genesis G70 Videos

Video: 2020 Genesis G70 3.3T long-term Introduction

We have a new long-termer in the Sydney CarAdvice garage – and it's not an SUV. You may also be surprised that our performance rear-wheel-drive sedan doesn't hail from Europe, either. Meet our new 2020 Genesis G70 3.3T Sport.

Comparison: Genesis G70 takes on BMW 3 Series and Lexus IS

Does the new 2019 Genesis G70 truly measure up on critical merit to key rivals from Germany and Japan, such as the new-generation BMW 3 Series and the familiar Lexus IS? Curt and Jez find out.

2019 Genesis G70 review | Korea's 3 Series rival driven

Finally. After numerous delays, Hyundai's BMW 3 Series rival, the premium Genesis G70 medium sedan, is on sale in Australia. It's a solid first effort and a decent drive. The biggest challenge will be persuading people to pay full price for one of these over its German equivalent. In the meantime, buyers in the prestige market will continue to be spoiled for choice...

2018 Genesis G70 review

In some ways it’s hard to give you an accurate idea of what the 2018 Genesis G70 mid-size luxury sedan will be like when it arrives in Australia – and that’s after spending a good few hours in the car at its international launch in Korea.

Genesis G70 Comparisons

2019 Genesis G70 3.3T Sport v BMW 330i M Sport v Lexus IS350 F Sport comparison

The Korean Genesis G70 has finally arrived to take on the best from Germany, the BMW 330i, and the finest from Japan, the Lexus IS350.

Genesis G70 News

2022 Genesis G70 Coupe imagined

In almost no time at all Hyundai’s upmarket arm, Genesis, has built itself from nicer versions of Hyundai cars, to a fully-fledged premium contender. If Genesis wants to play with the likes of Mercedes-Benz and BMW it is missing one key product, for now. A svelte two-door would be the ideal profile-builder, while taking a swipe at the established C-Class and 4 Series coupes...

2022 Genesis G70 Shooting Brake imagined

It's all-but-confirmed Genesis is working on a svelte long-roof version of its G70 mid-size sedan. While its existence has yet to be confirmed officially by the Korean luxury brand, the G70 wagon – or 'Shooting Brake', as it's rumoured to be badged – has been spied testing in production guise on European roads and racetracks in recent months, clad in heavy camouflage...

2022 Genesis G70 Shooting Brake wagon spied testing, Australian arm keen

A prototype of the upcoming Genesis G70 Shooting Brake has been spied testing on the Nurburgring this week, marking just the latest appearance of the new long-roof variant. The last time we wrote about the new G70 wagon, the mid-sized sedan's facelift had not yet been revealed, leaving a little more mystery as to how this new variant might look...

Looking for a Christmas treat? Here are five performance vehicles on sale now

Australia loves a performance car, no questions there. Whether that stems from the tyranny of distance, or our cultural upbringing on Bathurst and V8s, who knows. What we do know is that we still continue to buy the hotted-up versions of regular cars, alongside a healthy amount of two-door sports cars, too...

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