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Ford Escape ST-Line long-term review: Introduction

Say hello to our latest long-termer, the Ford Escape ST-Line. It's punchy, not bad to look at, and a decent family hauler. At least, we think it is - but that's what these long-term reviews are all about. Finding out the ups and downs.

Camaro v Mustang: HSV's Chevy takes on Ford's pony hero!

The muscle car war is alive and well, and we should enjoy it while we can. Let us know below which one you’d have in your garage.

Tested: the Holy Grail of Ford Falcons

The mighty Falcon GTHO has risen from the ashes, two years after the closure of the Ford factory - except the people who built this car can’t call it a GTHO, because it was never an official program.

2019 Ford F-150 Raptor review: Big muscles, big jumps!

The Ford F-150 Raptor really is a beast – Ford has done an epic job with creating a big truck that can be driven daily and turns heads when doing so. Here's hoping that one day Ford comes to its senses and imports these to Australia as factory right-hand drive. Until then, you'll need to fork out a huge sum of money to call one your own in Australia...

Ford Mustang Bullitt review: Cruising Sydney by night

Tony Crawford: It’s been a long time since I've enjoyed driving a car as much as I’ve enjoyed the new Mustang Bullitt. It’s not any single feature that nails it for me, rather it’s the entire package that includes noise, styling, features and performance – all of which come together so well to create a car that so much more that the sum of its parts...

CarAdvice Winners Circle: Ford Ranger Raptor

The Ranger Raptor's engine isn't what anybody dreamed it would be, but no vehicle is judged on its engine alone, and the Raptor does feel like more than just the sum of its parts. It’s the next evolution of Australia’s 4WD, signalling a very exciting future to come. Let’s just hope they stick a few different (and more powerful) engines under the bonnet...

CarAdvice Winners Circle 2018: Our favourites

You told us you don't trust the traditional 'Car of the Year' format favoured by most publishers, and you wanted to know more about our own personal faves, objectivity be damned. Well, here it is. Get the full story right here. NOTE: This video was first published on December 18.

REVIEW: Ford Endura (Ford Edge) hits Australia

The Endura certainly has its natural place in Ford’s SUV line-up, offering more interior space than an Escape and lower pricing and greater on-road focus than an Everest. Whether it stands out sufficiently in a crowded mainstream large-SUV class full of seven-seaters is another question.

Ford Mustang: Living the dream with old and new

Adam goes touring in the new Mustang, and one of its legendary predecessors!

REVIEW: All-new 2019 Ford Focus ups the ante

The new-generation 2019 Ford Focus is now on sale, and it couldn't have arrived a minute sooner. Can it take the game up to the Golf? Let's find out.

2019 Ford Mustang: 5 Cool Things

It’s become one of Australia’s most popular performance cars and understandably so, mixing old-school muscle-car charm with modern technology and performance, and just two years after Ford officially brought the Mustang to our shores, we’ve already received an updated version...