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Design Review: Ford GT90 Concept (1995)

The 1995 North American International Auto Show in Detroit was very important for Ford, as the historic automaker would make headlines by presenting a stunning supercar in prototype form. The Ford GT90 not only was the spiritual successor of the legendary GT40 that dominated endurance racing in the 1960s, beating Ferrari at its own game, but it also served as a vision for Ford’s future range, introducing the 'New Edge' design language...

I accidentally bought a 1985 Ford Spectron…

“Do you remember the ’85 Ford Spectron mate?” Might seem like a strange question to most of you but my mate Damien - hot rod builder, qualified panel beater, visionary and confidante when it comes to frivolous, nonsense car purchases - calls me often with similar discussion starters. “Yes, I do remember the Spectron, but we didn’t have enough money to buy one of them back in the day, mate...

Ford Transit Custom: You don’t mess with imperfection

A van. A bloody van. I spent a week in a Ford Transit Custom and started thinking to myself: ‘I could really see myself in one of these.’ That’s not right. It can’t be right, can it? Does Ford’s tradie express deserve to share an esteemed spot on the imperfect list with pragmatic dream garage fillers like the Suzuki Jimny or Fiat 500? Darn right it does...

2019 Ford Focus Titanium review

A more premium take on Ford’s small hatch has arrived in Australia, right as competition in the class heats up. Will the new Focus Titanium get the attention it deserves this time around?

How the iconic Ford Mustang almost became the unthinkable...

17 April, 1964 was a momentous day for the automotive world. On that day, at the World’s Fair in New York, Ford unveiled the first-generation Mustang. Thanks to its rear-wheel-drive layout and range of potent inline-six and V8 engines, Ford’s two-door offered true sports car performance for family car money. It proved a hit with American consumers, with 1...

2018 Ford Escape ST-Line long-termer: Highway driving

There's nothing better than packing up and hitting the road, especially when you're headed for somewhere like Moggs Creek. Nestled at the start of the Great Ocean Road, you're within walking distance of a quality surf break, a national park, hiking trails and some great off-roading.

2018 Ford Escape ST-Line long-term review: City driving

How does Ford's mid-sized SUV fare on the daily hustle?

2019 Ford Focus ST-Line hatch review

The all-new Focus has launched with a very German flavour. Can it duke it out with the class leaders?

I bought a 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt… and modified it

For as long as I can remember and that’s going back a few decades, I’ve only ever modified one car out of the twenty-or-so I’ve owned and that was my very first – a $500 Ford Cortina Mark II MY70 – flat white with a dirty great black stripe running from boot to bonnet...

2019 Ford Endura Titanium review

Some big SUVs come with seven seats; in fact, the vast majority do. The 2019 Ford Endura doesn’t, which may limit its appeal to some families, but might be just the thing for others.

The Holy Grail of Ford Falcons

A modern version of the iconic Falcon GTHO has been revived by a team of former Ford Performance Vehicles engineers.