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The original Ford Puma

The Puma is Ford’s new contender for the baby SUV segment, yet it isn’t a new nameplate. CarAdvice contributor and former owner Jez Spinks recalls the brilliant – but very different – original.

2020 Ford Puma ST-Line review

It’s goodbye EcoSport and hello Puma, as Ford revives an old badge for its crucial, new baby crossover.

2020 Ford Ranger Wildtrak review: 2.0 Bi-Turbo

It's easy to forget that the Ford Ranger is based on a nearly decade-old platform. Is it still the darling of the 4x4 ute segment?

Rusty's Garage celebrates milestone with Eric Bana

Renowned broadcaster Greg ‘Rusty’ Rust celebrates a milestone with the release of his 50th Rusty’s Garage podcast. The wildly successful automotive and motorsport themed podcast has racked up over three million downloads since launching in 2018, Rust’s blend of knowledge and his warm and unassuming interview style hallmarks of its success...

Access Denied: The go-anywhere 4x4s perfect for exploring a wide brown land

Australia’s new car market offers a huge range of makes and models, but not every new car gets to explore Australia’s roads – or make new roads of their own. Here’s some of the better 4x4s we miss out on.

A short history of the Ford Bronco

It’s been a long wait since Ford announced at the 2017 Detroit auto show it would revive its iconic Bronco name plate. Since then, teaser images have become internet fodder as an excited Bronco-bustin’ public seeks ever more information on the Blue Oval’s iconic SUV. Today, the wait is finally over, with Ford taking the covers off its sixth-generation Bronco...

The 10 best TV car ads of the 1980s and ’90s

For car lovers, nostalgia is a key part of the enthusiast experience. After all, how can one appreciate the automotive creations of the present without the context of the past? And if you're craving a journey back in time, there is perhaps no better way to traverse the decades than via the audiovisual treasure trove that is vintage car commercials...

2020 Ford Mustang R-Spec review

What happens when you beef up and supercharge an already quick five-litre V8 Mustang?

Old v new: 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback v 2020 Ford Mustang R-Spec

My admiration for the sixth-generation Ford Mustang grew significantly during this comparison. I’d never really associated the quintessential Pony car with a textbook evolutionary treatment or design philosophy. The type of treatment that’s been ring-fenced by brands like Porsche, who are the gatekeepers of such an approach...

2020 Ford Focus ST review

The new Ford Focus ST has arrived with the option of an automatic for the first time. And we've tested both.

Sydney to Broken Hill and back in search of a world scoop

We head to the great Aussie Outback in search of a hidden gem.