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A short history of Aussie Olympic cars

With the games of the 32nd Olympiad in Tokyo upon us, and with Brisbane confirmed this week as the host city of the 35th Olympiad, it’s timely to look back on a couple of Aussie-built cars with an Olympics theme. First on track (ha!) is the Ford Falcon Olympic Classic which, in Ford’s own words back in the day, “It doesn’t matter how good you are...

2021 Ford Ranger Wildtrak X bi-turbo review

Ford’s best-selling Ranger is soon to be superseded by a next generation, but let’s see how the current Aussie favourite shapes up in Wildtrak X flavour.

2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1 launch review

The Ford Mustang Mach 1 is the latest limited edition to slow the model's sales slide. At almost $20,000 more than a Mustang GT, it comes with a hefty price premium. But the beauty is more than skin deep.

How the humble Falcon ute became a Ford Ranchero

We love uncovering stories of little known Aussie exports. Last month, we discovered how the HQ Holden ute served time in South Africa as a rebadged Chevrolet El Camino. South Africa’s love affair with utes is almost as fervent as ours. Utes, or Bakkies as they are called in the Rainbow Nation, enjoy a dominant position on new car sales chart, much like they do here in Oz...

2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1 track preview

Oh look, a track-spec Mustang on a racetrack. What else is left to do?

2021 Ford Ranger FX4 Max review

Ford’s latest Ranger isn’t a full-blood Raptor… But it might be better.

2021 Ford Puma long-term review: Introduction

As a former owner of the original Ford Puma, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to spend six months with the model that has revived the nameplate nearly 20 years after it was discontinued. They’re very different vehicle styles, though. Two decades have transformed buyer tastes, and inevitably the new Puma is an SUV-inspired crossover, whereas the first Puma was a compact sports coupe...

2021 Ford Focus Active review

With Ford focusing on three models in the Focus line-up, what purpose does the Focus Active serve exactly – the perfect crossover offering or a pointless jacked-up hatchback?

2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1: Interview with Rick Kelly

The latest variant of the Ford Mustang Mach 1 has touched down, so to find out more, Ford was able to set us up with motorsport legend, and Mach 1 ambassador, Rick Kelly!

2021 Ford Transit Custom Sport 320L LWB DCIV review

The Ford Transit Custom Sport aims to bring some styling flair to the van market.

Project Cars: 2020 Ford Fiesta ST

What defines the 'ideal' hot hatch? While it’s impossible to answer such a subjective question – attempt to find a concrete one among the omniscient Internet car community and, well, it's impossible – I’d argue most enthusiasts will agree on a select number of core traits...