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2021 Ford Puma long-term review: Introduction

As a former owner of the original Ford Puma, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to spend six months with the model that has revived the nameplate nearly 20 years after it was discontinued. They’re very different vehicle styles, though. Two decades have transformed buyer tastes, and inevitably the new Puma is an SUV-inspired crossover, whereas the first Puma was a compact sports coupe...

2020 Ford Puma review

The entry-level Ford Puma has become the Blue Oval's de facto city car entrant.

The original Ford Puma

The Puma is Ford’s new contender for the baby SUV segment, yet it isn’t a new nameplate. CarAdvice contributor and former owner Jez Spinks recalls the brilliant – but very different – original.

2020 Ford Puma ST-Line review

It’s goodbye EcoSport and hello Puma, as Ford revives an old badge for its crucial, new baby crossover.