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Ford Falcon G6E EcoBoost Video Review

Matt Campbell road tests the four-cylinder turbo version of Ford's large car.

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Ford Falcon G6 Limited Edition reintroduced

Ford Australia has reintroduced the G6 Limited Edition for the 2010 model year following strong customer demand for the value-packed luxury model. Based on the G6, the 2010 G6 Limited Edition is identical in specification to the 2009 model with the exception of prestige paint, which was previously an option, but is now available at no extra cost...

2008 Ford FG Falcon G6E Turbo specifications

Giving buyers the choice of luxury mixed in with performance, the G6E Turbo tops the G-series range. Features are similar to the G6E, apart from the engine, which is the I6 Turbo engine that managed 270kW of power and 533Nm of torque. The power is delivered through the ZF six-speed automatic transmission and onto the road via 18-inch alloy wheels...

2008 Ford FG Falcon G6E specifications

The next level up from the G6 is the G6E, the car which builds on the nod to "Ghia" and you can almost call it the Falcon Mondeo, given its rather European-inspired styling and distinct design cues. On top of all the features found in the G6, the E adds the highly sought after ZF six-speed automatic transmission, plus side indicators integrated into the exterior mirror housing, a front fender badge, unique 17-inch alloy wheels and a unique G6E front grille...

2008 Ford FG Falcon G6 specifications

The new Falcon lineup now includes a new range of model names, the G6 is the entry into the G Series and is a nod to the "Ghia" nameplate and an extension of the G8 nomenclature used on the outgoing Fairlane range in recent years. The "6" represents the six-cylinder engine. The G6 is powered by the same I6 petrol engine found in the XT...

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Ford G6 Owner Reviews

2009 Ford G6 Review

Released in 2008, the FG Falcon forms the basis for what would eventually become the final iteration in a long line of locally developed Fords. Styling was criticised by some as only a mild evolution from previous generations, however the FG cuts a nice shape when viewed in isolation from its forebears and is one of those vehicles where picking the ‘right' colour can really make a difference...

2014 Ford G6 E Turbo Review

While I've always admired the Australian offerings from Ford and Holden, however, they have never had anything that was suitable at the time of purchase. Mind you, its not their fault my circumstances change and I felt somewhat responsible for their closure. This is the first Australian built car I've purchased, and the rest have been...