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FPV GT-F Review

The Ford Performance Vehicles GT-F is the final Falcon to wear the famed GT badge. James Stanford finds out if it lives up to expectations.


RSPEC: the limited edition with less limited traction and suspension improvements.

FPV F6 Review

As one of Ford's hottest Falcons, the FPV F6 is the epitome of slingshot acceleration.

FPV GT-P Review

Supercharged whine and a stellar exhaust note, what else more could you want?

Ford FPV GT-P Review (Video)

The new FPV GT-P video review is designed to give you a good, detailed look at a sensationally significant new Australian muscle car.

FPV Coyote GT & GS Review

FPV’s new Coyote-based force-fed V8 drivetrain is brilliant. It cost the Prodrive/Ford joint venture – small moment of silence – $35 million to develop.

FPV F6 E Review & Road Test

Colossal torque comes at a price. Model Tested: 2009 FPV F6 E; 4.0-litre inline six-cylinder; six-speed automatic - $79,740 Options: Satellite Navigation $3230; CarAdvice Rating: Words - Paul Maric 310kW and 565Nm, they’re figures not uncommon to many performance cars with V8 engines...

FPV F6 310 Review & Road Test

This is a serious Aussie muscle car, despite the absence of a large capacity V8 Model Tested: 2009 FPV FG Falcon F6 310; 4.0-litre, six-cylinder, turbo-petrol; six-speed automatic; sedan - $67,890* Options Available: Metallic Paint $NCO; Premium Brakes $6375; Dark Agent 19-inch Alloy Wheels $1122; Satellite Navigation $3230; Leather Upholstery $2962; Power Adjustable Pedals $353; Reverse Camera $705 CarAdvice Rating: You can’t always believe what’s printed in car brochures, especially those describing performance cars...

FPV Falcon GS Review & Road Test

Be a Grand Sport all over again Model Tested: 2009 FPV FG Falcon GS; 5.4-litre, V8, petrol; six-speed automatic; sedan - $56,950* Options Available: Metallic Paint $400; XR Leather Upholstery $2100; Satellite Navigation $2290; Premium Brakes $4900; Reverse Sensing System $500; Reverse Camera $500; Alarm $500; FPV Floor Mats $230 CarAdvice Rating: Twelve slotters, pin stripes, hood pins and a vinyl roof...

2009 Ford FPV GT E Road Test & Review

2009 FPV GT E Road Test and Review You can now have your cake and eat it too ... Model Tested: 2009 FPV GT E - six-speed automatic - $78,190 Options: None fitted. CarAdvice Rating: - by Paul Maric Whoever said you couldn’t have your cake and eat it too couldn’t have been further from the truth...

2009 Ford FPV GT Review & Road Test

2009 Ford FPV GT 5th Anniversary Road Test & Review Every boy's dream, 315kW and rear-wheel-drive ... Model Tested: 2009 Ford FPV GT 5th Anniversary - six-speed automatic - $71,890 Options: None fitted...

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