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FPV GT-F Review

The Ford Performance Vehicles GT-F is the final Falcon to wear the famed GT badge. James Stanford finds out if it lives up to expectations.


RSPEC: the limited edition with less limited traction and suspension improvements.

FPV F6 Review

As one of Ford's hottest Falcons, the FPV F6 is the epitome of slingshot acceleration.

FPV GT-P Review

Supercharged whine and a stellar exhaust note, what else more could you want?

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FPV GT-F Challenge for the National Breast Cancer Foundation

Read the full article: Bid on the FPV GT-F: Ford Australia is auctioning off two FPV GT-F sedans to raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. We challenged Jo Page, breast cancer survivor and National Breast Cancer Foundation ambassador, to a 0-100km/h acceleration test in the GT-F series development car...

FPV GT-F 351 Review - Quick Drive

The FPV GT-F 351 may officially put out 351kW, but this final GT Falcon is quite a bit more special.

FPV GTP Video Review


FPV GTP Expert Video Review


Ford FPV News

Ford's last-ever modern Falcon GT changes hands for a rumoured $1 million

EXCLUSIVE The last Falcon GT built by Ford Performance Vehicles has found a new home, with rumours suggesting the vehicle has sold privately for around $1 million. Ford auctioned the last 500 local build allocations of the FPV GT F back in 2014, raising nearly $400,000 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation at the time...

FPV GT-F : Fundraising auction accelerates quickly

Ford Australia is auctioning off two FPV GT-F sedans to raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The auction, which launched last night, has already included bids of more than $100,000 each for car number 1 and car number 500 in the limited 550-unit production run...

FPV GT F: Ford auctioning final GTs for breast cancer research

Ford Australia will auction two FPV GT F sedans later this month to raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Up for grabs will be build number 001 – the first GT F produced – and build number 500...

FPV Pursuit: final edition ute arrives at $52,990

The 400kW-plus FPV GT F rightfully stole the show yesterday, though launching in the background was the limited edition $52,990 FPV Pursuit, which will be last ute ever produced by Ford Australia’s go-fast division. Ford Performance Vehicles didn’t have a new Pursuit on hand at yesterday’s unveiling and is yet to photograph the car in detail, though images produced for its brochure reveal the unique styling and highlight the new features of the high-performance ute...

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Ford FPV Owner Reviews

2009 Ford FPV F6 Review

It was 2012, and after owning a BA XR6 Turbo for close to seven years, I decided it was time for an update. I narrowed my search down to three similar cars, namely the FG variants of the FPV F6, G6E Turbo and XR6 Turbo (the latter two in 50th Anniversary spec.)...

2011 Ford FPV GS review

Before buying this car, I'd never had a large sedan, let alone one with so much power. And wow, it sure has power! Ford’s lowest-spec model in the FPV range boasts 315kW with the choice of the German ZF six-speed automatic or the Tremec TR-6060 six-speed manual...

2009 Ford Fpv F6 Review

I have owned around 20 cars in 4 years including three FG XR6 Turbo's. The FG F6 is the most amazing and reliable car I have owned, the power is ridiculous and the comfort comparing this to say a VE Clubsport it smashes it out of the park; faster, better on fuel, better sound system, lighter and one of the best parts about the F6 are the seats...

2010 Ford Fpv F6 Review

I bought my FPV F6 310 after it had done service as a dealer finance directors car. The first registered owner at 8900 km. From day one I loved the understated looks in Edge over black, it's performance on trips yet docile nature around town. I fitted a Hollandia sunroof otherwise it was left factory. I drive 40,000 km per year, and after three years decided it was time to move it on...

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