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2021 Ford Escape ST-Line review

Ford's Escape ST-Line promises an SUV garnished with sportiness. What do we think?

2021 Ford Escape review: Vignale AWD

The new 2021 Ford Escape range has landed in Oz. We grab the top-spec Vignale to see how it stacks up.

2018 Ford Escape ST-Line long-term review: Farewell

The Escape is chronically overlooked in a crowded segment. Has four months behind the wheel opened our eyes to its positives?

2018 Ford Escape ST-Line long-termer: Highway driving

There's nothing better than packing up and hitting the road, especially when you're headed for somewhere like Moggs Creek. Nestled at the start of the Great Ocean Road, you're within walking distance of a quality surf break, a national park, hiking trails and some great off-roading.

2018 Ford Escape ST-Line long-term review: City driving

How does Ford's mid-sized SUV fare on the daily hustle?

2018 Ford Escape ST-Line long-termer: Interior and infotainment

Ford has gone to great lengths to market the Escape ST-Line as a sporty alternative to the madding SUV crowd. It's got blacked-out wheels and a tougher bodykit on the outside, but given it's where the driver actually spends all their time, the interior is arguably more important. What's life like from behind the wheel of our long-termer? By now, the layout of the Escape's interior is pretty familiar...

2018 Ford Escape ST-Line long-term review: Introduction

Meet the latest addition to our fleet of long-term testers, the 2018 Ford Escape ST-Line. It'll be with us for the next few months, strutting its stuff as the sportiest member of the oft-overlooked Escape line-up. We'll delve into life with the car over the next few instalments, but here are some of the basics. This isn't the first time I've had a Ford Escape in my life...

2017 Ford Escape Trend diesel AWD review

With a diesel engine, auto transmission and all-wheel drive, all for less than forty grand, the 2017 Ford Escape Trend diesel AWD offers a solid alternative for buyers in the medium SUV segment.

2017 Ford Escape 2.0L Titanium review

The Blue Oval's flagship Ford Escape 2.0 Titanium is a medium SUV that thinks it's a plus-sized hot hatch. But does its potent turbo-petrol heartbeat improve or diminish its family-hauling capabilities?

2017 Ford Escape Titanium TDCi review

The new Ford Escape gets a new look and a name change. But is the flagship Titanium diesel worth the near $50,000 spend?

2017 Ford Escape beach blast

Taking a city-focused SUV for a spin on the sand isn't what most people would do in a new car, but that's exactly where we took the 2017 Ford Escape to test out the autonomous emergency braking, on-demand all-wheel drive system and rear-view camera. We started the day at Sydney's famous Bondi Beach (but not on the sand), then headed to Boat Harbour which is one of the few beaches around Sydney that you actually are allowed to drive on...

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