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2016 Ford Escape Titanium (AWD) review

The Escape was purchased just under three years ago to replace a Toyota RAV4 V6. My wish list included a traditional automatic gearbox rather than a CVT, the full suite of active safety features including radar cruise control, decent performance, no “premium” European brands, and new or nearly new...

2017 Ford Escape Trend (AWD) review

I gave in to the other half insisting she wanted an SUV. I couldn't even have a sporting sedan or wagon, so after deciding to get rid of the beloved Alfa, I thought I'd also throw away my last ounce of enthusiasm to drive anything remotely enjoyable. We seriously considered a Suzuki Vitara Turbo or the even more practical but weirder-looking S-Cross with the same engine...

2017 Ford Escape Trend (AWD) review

Following our appearance on the BBC TV program Wanted Down Under, which gave my wife and I a taste of the Aussie lifestyle, we moved to Perth, WA in 2017. I decided I would need to buy a car almost as soon as I landed. One of the things I had noted in our two-week visit to Australia in 2016 was that many Aussies prefer their cars larger, and often think nothing of a fairly long commute to and from work, driving 50–60km in each direction from the outer suburbs to the CBD...