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2021 Fiat Ducato MWB review

A new nine-speed automatic leads a raft of Ducato updates, and delivers a much better van as a result.

Cars you didn’t know you want: Fiat Dino Spider

Ferrari had a problem. It wanted to go Formula 2 racing in the 1960s but it needed to homologate its 2.0-litre engine for competition, and that meant at least 500 had to be built and used in road-going cars. As a maker of low-volume sports cars, that was never going to happen. Yes, Ferrari tried with the Dino 206GT, powered by its new 2...

Cars you didn't know you want: Fiat 130 Coupe

It cost more than a Porsche 911 when new, won a Style Auto award, as judged by a jury of international automotive stylists, and influenced car design for an entire decade. Meet the Fiat 130 Coupe, a graceful, dignified even, grand tourer in every sense of the word. The design was the work of Paolo Martin at Pininfarina and was as far removed from the Fiat 130 sedan at the time as the Moon is from Earth...

Fiat 500: You don’t mess with imperfection

Retro design is one of those styling trends that can make people a little uncomfortable. Slapping an old face on a new car in the hope of eliciting a spending frenzy from nostalgic buyers often comes across as a little lazy. In the early 2000s car brands had hit peak-retro, it seemed...

2018 Fiat 500X Pop Star Special Edition review

When the 500X first hit the market in Australia, the compact SUV segment wasn't anywhere near as competitive as it is now. That segment in 2018 is a very different ball game.

2017 Fiat Doblo review

If you need a cheap, small cargo-mover, you should probably take a look at the 2017 Fiat Doblo. It offers plenty of capacity for the cash.

2017 Fiat Ducato SWB review

The base Fiat Ducato SWB is a lot of van for $38,990 plus on-road costs, though our test model gave us a small spot of grief...

2016 Fiat 500X Lounge 1.3 Diesel Review

Is the grass greener on the other side of the fence? James samples a manual diesel Fiat 500X on European soil to find out.

Meet Adam Garcia: the triple-threat talks fatherhood and Fiat

As a singer, dancer and actor, Adam Garcia is what's known as a triple-threat in the showbiz industry - and his success on stage and screen justifies the title. The Australian entertainer, along with his wife and 11-month old daughter, now call London home...

Destination Drive: Climbing the Giant of Provence in the Fiat 500X

Destination Drive: Put simply, this is something you can do in any car. Whether you’re excited about your new car and are looking for inspiration, or whether you regularly hit the road and cruise around, this series is for the love of driving and to provide ideas for those occasions when you want to enjoy your car and the places it can take you...

2016 Fiat 500X Lounge Review

Cheap and cheery? Well.. cheery at least. The Fiat 500X Lounge SUV asks a premium price, but is it a premium option?