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The 10 most powerful cars you can buy in Australia

Power and excitement go hand-in-hand. Henry Kissinger summed up the connection perfectly when he said: "Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac". Though Kissinger wasn't talking about kilowatts, when you take a look at the 10 most powerful production cars on sale in Australia, there's no arguing each has sex appeal...

Ferrari FF Review : Maranello to Monte Carlo via the Cisa Pass

Darryl Kerrigan’s “Tell him he’s dreamin’” scene from The Castle was the first thing I was expecting to hear from Ferrari Australia when I asked to drive a Ferrari FF from Maranello to Monte Carlo for the 2014 Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix.   Much to my surprise, the company gave the idea two thumbs up and I was all set...

Ferrari FF Review

Ferrari's AWD grand tourer proves it's a supercar for all seasons on an epic journey to the Australian ski fields.

Ferrari FF versus Aussie snow: video

CarAdvice takes the Ferrari FF, the Prancing Horse's first AWD model, on an epic trip to New South Wales' Snowy Mountains to discover whether the V12-powered FF is a supercar for winter as well as other seasons. You can also read CarAdvice's review on the Ferrari FF here.

Ferrari FF Review

A large, two-plus-two GT styled by an Italian design house, powered by a huge engine up front with a distinctive rear hatchback...