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Chrysler Nassau - 300C Successor?

With the 300C due for a revamp later this year, the Chrysler Nassau is perhaps the best look at what the 300C could become. Sitting on the same 120-inch platform as the 300C, it shares a familiar HEMI power plant and sends its power to the rear wheels. Replacing the 300C is no easy feat as it seems to have carved out its own genre in automotive design...

Chrysler 300C SRT8 Touring arrives

For those who love their fast wagons (comeon, I know who you are) Christmas has come early this year with the arrival of Chrysler's 300C SRT8 Touring Wagon. For a car that looks so mean and can turn almost any head, the 300C has been a revelation for the Chrysler image in Australia...

Chrysler 300C Line-up

Chrysler 300C line-up The Chrysler 300C comes in a formidable line-up with Sedan and Touring versions both available with a potent engine range catering for everyone from the pure performance enthusiast with the 300C SRT8, to the fuel conscious with the state-of-the-art turbo diesel. The four distinguished powertrains include the: Smooth 3...

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