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Chery Automobile Co. Ltd. is an automobile manufacturing company headquartered in Wuhu, Anhui, China. It was founded in 1997 and is a state-owned corporation. Its products are primarily passenger cars, minivans, and SUVs, which it sells under four brand names: Chery, Karry, Rely, and Riich. It is the ninth-largest China-based automaker measured by 2012 output (about 500,000 units).

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Chery J3 Review

China's Chery J3 is the size of a Corolla but priced lower than a Yaris. We find out if that makes it good value.

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Exeed TX: China's Chery launches new brand and SUV for Europe

Computer-crafted images of cars are always so nice, aren't they. Panels are perfectly aligned, the finish is perfect and the interior materials appear to be of the finest grade. The reality is often far from the rendering, though, and with models originating out of China - still a distant challenger for brand acceptance in western markets, still prone to treating a registered copyright like roadside carrion - it's been the norm...

Chery 'M31T' SUV concept teased again ahead of Frankfurt

The Chery SUV concept bound for the Frankfurt motor show next month has been teased again in a set of design sketches released by the Chinese manufacturer this week. Dubbed 'M31T', the "mysterious high-end SUV" will debut in concept form next month at the Frankfurt event, previewing a new crossover model that will pioneer Chery's assault on the European market...

Chery to launch new brand, SUV concept in Frankfurt

Chery will launch a new brand at the Frankfurt motor show in September, and has teased the new marque's first model, a small SUV. The Chinese automaker says the crossover rides on an "all-new high quality platform". Both the crossover and subsequent models using the platform will be sold in Europe under the new marque...

Chery FV2030 concept teased ahead of Beijing motor show

Chinese carmaker Chery isn't known for having the most thrilling looks in the business, but that may be about to change if a new concept bound for the upcoming Beijing motor show is any indication. The concept, dubbed FV2030, has been previewed this week with the release of a highly stylised teaser sketch, hinting at a high-riding coupe-like offering...

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Chery Owner Reviews

2011 Chery J3 Review

Please do not buy this car. I was one of the first people to buy a Chery J3 in 2012 and I was truly excited when I got it. Unfortunately it has been nothing but trouble and Chery/dealers do not care because they plan to stop selling cars in Australia. Since purchase the following has failed on my J3...

2011 CHERY J1 Review

We were looking for comfort for my family of 4 (our teen daughters are very tall and there is still enough space for their legs!). We are all really satisfied. Our purchase was influenced by its very fresh design, full equipment, attractive bordeaux color (we call it "Sexy Chery"). We are not so sorry for not buying an Opel Corsa 1.2.

2011 CHERY J1 Review

Bought this car in late September 2011. Was a proud happy owner extolling the virtues of my lovely new little car. Six weeks later back to service centre, Clutch / gearbox jamming. About every six weeks new and recurring problems. Clutch / gearbox jamming again. Faulty brakes, mechanism replaced now the front wheels are not coated black in brake dust...