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Full Throttle: Day 13
6th May 2009
2 min read

Full Throttle: Day 13

Disappointed? Yes. Upset? You betcha. Annoyed? More than slightly. Thirteen is an unlucky number, isn't it? Today was the day we handed back the keys to the TechArt Porsche GTsport and GTstreetRS. But not before a few good mashings of the throttle. Yesterday saw us powersliding across a 100m wide runway, a day I don’t think we’ll forget for a long time. Today, however was a bit more sedate. 250km/h down the autobahn.
Karl Peskett
Full Throttle: Day 10
3rd May 2009
1 min read

Full Throttle: Day 10

Day two of filming the Brabham BT92 is over. Today was a highlight of our Full Throttle adventure as we made a trip out to the Nurburgring. An eye opening experience, a must for all car lovers around the world. More on the 'ring later. Having handed back the keys to the Brabham BT92, I'm finding it a little hard to explain the car. People have a lot of reservations about this particular car, but having spent two days with it, it really does make sense.
Profile picture of Alborz Fallah
Alborz Fallah