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Whether simply upgrading your marine electronics, buying a tinny or contemplating a multi-million dollar launch, BoatAdvice is focused on helping you make the right decision.

“To become Australia’s most trusted source of independent marine reviews, news and entertainment”.

Fortunately for BoatAdvice, the road to such an ambitious goal has already been paved by our parent company and this country’s largest automotive editorial site Now with over 36 million visits each year, 3.5 million video views and 4,000 new pieces of auto content published annually, can emulate a proven formula to become Australia’s leading source of marine content.

Quality boating content is in demand and there’s no wondering why either. We know you’re short-listing what to buy from behind a computer or smart device long before ever setting foot in a showroom. It’s not that the traditional showroom has become any less vital to choosing your next boat; it’s how you end up there that’s changed. Forever.

As important as a chat with mates at a BBQ, visiting BoatAdvice should be one of the vital first-steps for buyers when choosing a new boat.

We will be the first to break new models, boat reviews, video reviews, lifestyle stories, boat news and boating tips.

By intimately understanding the different factors and purchasing considerations, we have created credible brand and library of information that we hope appeals to both the established boatie and new to market buyer alike.

Boat owners today are connected, they’re mobile and they’re hungry for rich marine content in multiple formats. We understand that you’re online looking not just for new ideas, but also for information that will help validate your own prior to purchase.

Be it by videos, photos or text, can help connect you with the right information at a time when making the right decision is most critical.