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2007 BMW Z4 2.5Si review

A love letter to my Z4. I thought about you for a long time before we met... When the opportunity to buy a new car came around I had a number of criteria in mind. There was already a family car to do all the mundane practical stuff so this new car could be more about fun. As long as it could get me a short distance to work every day, other things like the number of seats or fuel consumption really did not matter...

2006 BMW Z4 Review

The E85 Z4 a car with a design subjected to a myriad of opinionated criticism. On paper possesses all the ingredients belonging to classic roadster. The long hood, charismatic engine, rear drive. Dipped doors make the Z4 look more like a modern Triumph TR4. Based upon these design old – school dimensions the Z4's styling grows on you...

2006 BMW Z4 Review

For me, the letter ///M has been a childhood hero and it was love at first sight when I stumbled across the power lines on the bonnet of my Z4M three years ago. The first thing you notice after weaving yourself into the cockpit is that it is somewhat sedate. I won't go as far as to say basic, but when sat next to cars of late, it is less fussy...