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2020 BMW X6 M Competition review

Using the word 'competition' on an SUV seems rather counter-intuitive. In the case of BMW, that notion is far from reality.

2020 BMW X6 XDrive30d review

Points must be awarded for refined diesel performance, but otherwise, BMW’s strangely shaped SUV has somehow managed to be a ‘sports utility vehicle’ without a whole lot of utility.

2020 BMW X6 M Competition review

More beast than beauty, this beefed-up SUV certainly has obvious performance chops, but its reason for being is a little less clear-cut.

2020 BMW X6 M50i review

A third-generation SUV coupe that's clearly not everyone’s cup of tea, but in initial top-of-the-line performance guise there’s no denying its raw speed, engaging dynamics nor its luxury appeal.

2016 BMW X6 30d review

Love it or hate it, the BMW X6 is always worthy of a combination. James is a fan, but Paul isn't Can they come to an agreement?

2015 BMW X6M Review

The 2015 BMW X6M might be absurdly fit, but what on earth is its purpose?

2015 BMW X5 M and X6 M Review

The monstrous BMW X5 M and X6 M twins-under-the-skin defy convention in the best kind of way...

2015 BMW X6 M Review

The BMW X6 M is a mode of transport that makes about as much sense as the current state of Australian politics. It’s not a coupe or a real SUV, yet it sits somewhere in the middle and no matter what you think of its divisive looks and bold character, it’s unbelievably fast. Even BMW admits that the original X6 was an answer to a question nobody had asked...

2015 BMW X6 Review

BMW releases the second-generation X6 crossover SUV...

BMW X6 M50d Review

First of BMW's M Performance models delivers a triple-turbo treat.

BMW X6 M Review

In many respects, the BMW X6 is impossible to classify. With respect to its dimensions, it’s an SUV, plain and simple. By Mark Hacking, Atlanta, Georgia Further proof; it’s built on the same platform as the X5, and that’s an SUV, right? However, the X6 has a coupe-like shape and BMW steadfastly refuses to refer to it as an SUV...

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