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2021 BMW 430i Coupe review

BMW has created a powerful, luxury coupe but is the kidney grille a worthwhile addition or an unnecessary distraction?

2021 BMW 4 Series review: Australian first drive

The 4 Series may not be as iconic as the 3 Series in BMW’s line-up, but, history be damned – this second-generation 4er upholds BMW’s traditional driver-centric ideals.

2020 BMW M550i xDrive Pure review

Is the 2020 BMW M550i xDrive Pure the German brand's best-kept secret? A real wolf in sheep's clothing – that isn't absurdly priced? James dials up the twin-turbo V8 to find out.

REVISIT: 2020 BMW M2 CS review

BMW's track-focused M2 CS is nearly upon us. As the swan song for this generation, we just had to get into one a little sooner than its mid-2020 Australian debut.

2021 BMW iX3 review

BMW enters the growing all-electric SUV race with its new iX3 – and it's a good thing.

REVISIT: 2020 BMW 330i Touring review

And then there was one... With BMW Australia retiring the 5 Series Touring, the 330i Touring has big shoes to fill as the brand's sole wagon. Join us as we revisit BMW's load-lugger, which might just be the pick of the mid-sized luxo-wagon bunch.

2021 BMW M440i xDrive Coupe review

If the monster new M4 is a bit much for you, the M440i is the beast next door. Should it be a contender for your spend?

The lasting legacy of BMW's iconic 2002ti

Some cars are born great, while others are made legendary with a healthy dose of under-the-skin fettling. And there are some that become great by accident. The now-legendary BMW 2002ti is firmly in the last category, an accidental car that wasn’t on anyone’s radar at BMW’s Bavarian headquarters. Enter two very unhappy – and slightly sneaky – BMW executives...

The little M3 that could

With the new M3 (and M4) polarising opinion around the world, it's timely to look back at where it all began.

2020 BMW X2 sDrive18i review

BMW’s smallest SUV may not be its cheapest, but can style stand in for substance?

2020 BMW X5 M50i review

BMW isn’t the first brand you’d associate with muscle cars in 2020, but the X5 M50i is, surprisingly der muskelwagen among full-size prestige SUVs.