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2020 Alpina B3 review

It’s not an M3, but the B3’s gentler approach might be the more compelling one.

2020 Alpina XB7 review

It might not look it, but Alpina’s first three-row is one of the quickest SUVs on the market.

2019 Alpina XD3 review

Want a car that will do 0–100km/h in under 5.0 seconds and get you from Melbourne to Sydney in one tank? Meet the Alpina XD3.

2019 Alpina B5 Touring review

There are few faster, more comfortable ways to haul a family around than the Alpina B5 Touring.

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2021 BMW new cars

There is plenty in store for BMW fans throughout 2021, as the brand continues its special-edition rollout of existing metal, and drops the first of its new-generation electric vehicle range in the form of the polarising iX and X3-based iX3. We'll see the powerhouse M3 and M4 models arrive locally soon after the new year, but joined by the mid-range, front-wheel-drive 128ti hot hatch variant in the 1 Series lineup...

2021 Alpina XD3 price and specs: new hybrid power for sporty diesel SUV

New hybrid turbo diesel powertrain Sub-five second 0-100km/h time Alpina-tuned suspension and driveline Alternative to BMW X3 M40i The 2021 Alpina XD3 is arriving in Australia in early 2021, with buyers now gaining the benefits of a mild-hybrid diesel powertrain...

BMW X7: 2021 Alpina XB7 price and specs

BMW tuning company Alpina has announced pricing and specification for its new XB7 seven-seater SUV ahead of its Australian arrival in early 2021. The XB7 – based on a BMW X7 M50i xDrive – receives Alpina’s signature touches including increased engine power, improved driving dynamics and styling changes inside and out...

2020 Alpina B3 pricing and specs

Alpina Australia has locked in pricing for its comfort-focused BMW M3 alternative, the B3, ahead of its arrival later this year. Although it's a high-performance 3 Series with power from an inline-six, the B3 isn't an M3 in drag. For one, it's offered with a choice of sedan and wagon bodies – something BMW M simply refuses to do...

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2020 Alpina XB7 review

BMW X7: 2021 Alpina XB7 price and specs

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