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The Winners Circle 2018, Rob Margeit: Alpine A110

This is an unashamed love letter. From the moment I first laid eyes on the Alpine A110, I was smitten. It was December 2017 and I was in France for the international launch of the reborn Alpine brand. My first glimpse of it in the metal evinced all kinds of physiological reactions. Weak-kneed, sweaty-palmed and heart racing, it was like the moment you know you fell in love for the first time...

The CarAdvice Winners Circle 2018

Welcome to the inaugural CarAdvice Winners Circle, our debut annual award program showcasing our editorial team’s motoring highlight releases of the year. After some long and hard consideration of the pros and cons of more traditional award formats, it was ultimately reader and car industry feedback – through surveys, garage day chats and even a focus group – that moulded exactly the form Winners Circle would take...

2019 Alpine A110 review: Sports car as daily driver

Can a relatively rare, ultimately focussed mid-engined coupe designed to make short work of race tracks on a regular basis be any kind of daily drive? Masochists might say yes, but what about everyone else?

2019 Alpine A110 review: Targa High Country

It's been 41 years since we last saw a new Alpine A110 roll out of the factory in Dieppe, but it's been worth the wait, because this just may be the most enjoyable car I've driven in years. Margeit was right about that.

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CarAdvice Winners Circle: Alpine A110

Driving the A110, you’re blessed with the certainty that this is a car meant to be enjoyed in the finest tradition of automotive enjoyment – by being driven hard at the limit. Am I still in love, almost a year since I drove it at the at the international launch? Without question. Is it a rational love? No, but then, when has love ever made sense?

CarAdvice Winners Circle 2018: Our favourites

You told us you don't trust the traditional 'Car of the Year' format favoured by most publishers, and you wanted to know more about our own personal faves, objectivity be damned. Well, here it is. Get the full story right here. NOTE: This video was first published on December 18.

2019 Alpine A110 review: Australian launch at Targa High Country

Make no mistake, the new Alpine A110 is first and foremost an enthusiast’s car. Fast, light and extremely agile. But, it’s also a car that can be driven as a daily, not even fast, mind, but enjoyed all the same, by anyone. I’d go further and issue a warning to those keen enough to try it out – make sure you’ve got the coin for an on-the-spot purchase, because this thing is also thoroughly addictive and fast acting to boot...

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Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance agrees to new management structure

The heads of Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors have agreed to form of a new board of management for the three-headed automaking alliance. As part of the deal agreed to in Tokyo, the "New Start" board will be chaired by Jean-Dominique Senard, chairman of Renault. The other members of the board will be Thierry Bollore, CEO of Renault; Hiroto Saikawa, CEO of Nissan; and Osamu Masuko, CEO of Mitsubishi Motors...

Carlos Ghosn granted bail

Carlos Ghosn has walked out of jail, 108 days after being arrested disembarking a private jet operated by Nissan. At 4.30pm yesterday, the former CEO emerged from the Tokyo Detention Centre surrounded by guards. In an effort to evade the media, Ghosn left the jail wearing a blue cap, sunglasses, a surgical mask, and a worker's vest with orange safety stripes...

Alpine A110 gunning for Porsche 718 in Australia

Alpine is a name that won't mean much to most Australians, but the French manufacturer has set the mark high with its (re-)entry to the market, with its sights firmly set on the segment-leading Porsche 718 Cayman. Speaking to media today at Motorclassica in Melbourne, Andrew Moore, Alpine Australia managing director, didn't hesitate in naming the mid-engined, four-cylinder Porsche as the A110's primary target...

Alpine A110: Half of initial Oz allocation sold

Alpine has sold 32 of the 60 initial A110 'Premiere Edition' cars it's been assigned for 2018, and has five pre-orders for its 2019 allocation of Pure and Legende models...

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