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CarAdvice is where Australians turn for the most comprehensive, independent editorial reviews of new cars. Its team of expert motoring journalists continually review all new models to ensure Australians can choose the best vehicle for their specific needs – whether it is family-friendly SUVs, work utes, eco-friendly runarounds or luxury cars.

With a unique monthly website audience of over 500,000 and over a million followers on social media, CarAdvice is Australia’s leading, content only, automotive publisher.

CarAdvice produces over 400 articles a month, as well as a large volume of video content, a weekly podcast and regular radio shows on the Macquarie network, making it one of the most prolific multi-channel publishers of new car content.

Founded in 2006, CarAdvice has grown to a team of over 35 full-time staff at its offices and test garages in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

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*source: Nielsen DRM (six-month average 2018)