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2013 Abarth 500 ESSE Review

Owning this bocconcini on wheels for almost a year now. I have come to learn all the little quirks of owning an Italian hot hatch. The hot-hatch market is getting an injection of life, washing out the dreadful mid-2000s renditions of Peugeot 207 GTi and the not-so-hot Polo’s. When entering the market with the new 500, enthusiasts prayed for Abarth to get its grubby hands on it and do what they do best...

2012 Abarth 500 ESSE Review

MY 500 ABARTH IS SIMPLY AWESOME! It is so fun to drive. I have done a few mods, but want more power. I have gotten two speeding tickets already, but still enjoying my car. I have had no problems what so ever and would definitely buy another. I also have a Maserati GT, and am planning to buy the Alfa Giulia Cloverleaf, and a Maserati Levante SUV, but will trade my RR Sport for this...

2011 Abarth 500 ESSE Review

Owning for nearly 4 years, the best part of this car is the purity it has as a hot hatch. Although there is not a lot of tech or other features within the Abarth compared to its rivals; these little obscurities of the car make it so fun to drive. The 1.4L turbo 118kw engine is the best fun, coupled with the five speed gearbox, one of the loudest exhaust for a hatch and a little boost gauge on the dash creates an awesome drive...