Batmobile sells for $370,000

Would you like people to say to you, with sincerity: 'Watch out, Batman!' while you're reversing down your driveway? Well, if you've just bought this recently eBay'ed car, that might just happen. It's one of the original Michael Keaton 'Batmobiles' and it has just been sold.
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The winning bidder won the auction with a bid of $US370,000. The car came with all authenticity documentation, and, according to the seller, it was the best Batmobile out of the three that were used during the making of the film, Batman Returns.

Unfortunately, it isn't powered by a fire-spitting jet engine but it does come with a 350ci (5.7-litre) Chevy V8 engine that offers a fairly timid 150kW of power. It also comes equipped with hydraulics designed to make the car easier to transport, and a custom trailer.

The car was sold on the 25th bid in Florida, USA.