Toyota planning Celica GT-Four revival?

It is already widely known that Toyota and Subaru have been collaborating to produce a boxer-powered spiritual successor to the cult-classic AE86 rear-drive Corolla Sprinter of the 1980s. Now the rumours are extending to a resurrection of the all-wheel-drive Celica GT-Four.
Toyota Celica GT-Four revival?
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Current speculation indicates the next-generation GT-Four could feature an STi-spec 224kW turbocharged boxer engine coupled with the standard AWD setup.

Accompanying the GT-Four model Celica will also be a cheaper GT model which would confirm earlier reports of an AE86 revival, featuring a naturally aspirated 2.0-litre engine and rear-wheel drive with a price target under US$20,000.

To avoid competing with the current Impreza range, both the GT and high-performance GT-Four models with be available as either a coupe or three-door hatch.

This will be the second joint effort between the brands since Toyota bought a stake in Subaru early last year, and will certainly help reinvent Toyota's reputation as a performance car brand, something it has not been seen as since the days of the Supra.

Source: MotorAuthority