Ferrari has sent out an invite to some of its customers and some of its members to attend a special early preview of the upcoming 2012 Ferrari 612 GT car. The car isn't set to be officially unveiled to the public until the Geneva Motor Show in March, but Ferrari wants to give a early present to a select group of people.
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Along with the invite came a little teaser image of the upcoming model, conveniently. It's the same car as the one we saw in spy shots yesterday, only without the camouflaging and disguise. The teaser image doesn't really reveal much either, but it looks like it will feature a fairly large side vent in the front guards.

It's still unclear as to what this car will look like exactly, and what sort of specifications it will have. So far, speculations say it will use a 6.3-litre V12 offering upwards of 485kW of power matched to a seven-speed gearbox. It could also be linked up to an all-wheel drive system.

But will it be a Shooting Brake design with a hatch? Only time will tell. Actually, tomorrow we expect a number of captured images of the exclusive function floating around on the net shortly after the unveiling.

We'll certainly keep you posted.