Gordon Murray Design has crash tested their first T.27 Electric City Car with spectacular results.
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For those of you who might be unfamiliar with Gordon Murray, he is the former British Formula One designer who also penned the legendary McLaren F1 road car, which even today, is regarded as the world’s best supercar.

The crash test was the mandatory EEC 40% offset deformable barrier front high-speed impact and the T.27 suffered “zero cabin intrusion despite the car’s miniscule dimensions.

The results were not at all surprising to Gordon Murray Design, who predicted a similar result using computer simulation.

These crash test results are all the more amazing when you consider that the T.27 is specially manufactured using their proprietary iStream manufacturing process, which can produce cars with less weight and cost, but with increased levels of safety. If the process takes off, it could very well revolutionise automobile manufacturing, globally.

Using formula One technology with a composite monocoque, the T.27, or any other design, means mass produced vehicles can be produced with much higher energy absorption rates than conventionally produced cars.

Frank Coppuck, is Gordon Murray Design’s Engineering Director, and he said:

“This crash test represents a major milestone in vehicle safety and in the history of Gordon Murray Design. It clearly demonstrates that cars built using iStream technology can achieve low weight, cost and significant reductions in energy usage during manufacturing without compromising safety.”

The T.27 Electric City Car is a joint development project by Gordon Murray Design and Zytec Automotive Ltd with a total project coast of £9M. The group has said that running prototypes of the T.27 will be on the road by Spring 2011.