Caterham Cars Australia offers price cuts

Caterham hasn't sold many cars here in Australia in the past year, in fact, the company hasn't sold one. But to offer more of an incentive, Caterham Cars Australia is now offering price cuts on various models.
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Savings of up to $7175 to $10,420 can be found across the range. This means entry-level models now enter the market at around $60,000, making for quite a tempting deal. Let's not forget Caterham makes some of the fastest and most exciting new cars on the market.

Caterham Cars Australia spokesman Chris van Wyk recently said in a statement,

"In my experience with this market, most buyers want to build a $40,000 kit car, or they may pay up to around $60,000 for a built-up car. Very few have the ability to pay more. So even now, we are really still too expensive for the market."

He also gave some reasons why the Australian market hasn't really been strong for Caterham, saying,

"Australia has been brought up on big V8s, but I think there are still a few hardcore enthusiasts out there, so maybe the new entry-level price will be the magic number to get sales going."

So if you're after a stripped out, open-mouth, scary two-seater that has enough track potential to frighten most Porsches, there has never been a better time to get in contact with your nearest Caterham dealer.