2011 Volkswagen Polo GT and GTD rumoured

According to recent international reports, Volkswagen is thinking of introducing a Volkswagen Polo GT and a Volkswagen Polo GTD into the lineup. This would follow a similar trim-level trend set by the Volkswagen Golf.
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It's unknown what engines would be designated for each model, but reports say to expect a variant of the 1.4-litre 118TSI engine for the Polo GT and the 1.6-litre 77TDI engine for the Polo GTD. These engines could be revised somewhat for the Polo variants, however, to separate specifications from the Golf.

If these reports are true, a Polo GT would provide the market with a more fuel-efficient version of the Polo GTI that still maintains a relative level of sportiness, and an even more fuel efficient version in the form of a GTD which would offer active handling and support with an eco-conscious diesel.

Reports say the two new models could be in European showrooms as early as the end of 2011. It is all just a bit of a rumour at this stage though, but we'll be sure to provide more concrete details and possible confirmation on Australian models as soon as possible.