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by Brett Davis

Ever wanted to own an Audi S1 Quattro simply for the sound it produces? Well, Audi is about to release its latest ‘RS’ sports car – the new 2011 Audi RS3 – and the noise the engine makes might be right up your alley.

It’s a very hot hatch with a howling five-cylinder engine that is able to resonate sounds that bring back memories of the old Audi S1 Quattro of the Group B rally days. The engine is practically identical to the one found in the Audi TT RS; a 2.5-litre engine that outputs a handy 250kW of power and 450Nm of torque.

The new Audi RS3 isn’t scheduled to go on sale until mid-year in international markets (unfortunately, as CarAdvice reported earlier this week, Audi Australia has no plans to sell the car here at this stage), but Audi has since been testing a pre-production version in extreme cold conditions on snow and ice. And to demonstrate the car’s superb all-weather handling characteristics and capabilities, Audi has released some video footage of it for us all to interpret.

Check it out below, and listen to that brutal five-cylinder howl. (We realise the sound is not perfectly in sync during some parts but you still get the gist.)

More information on the car can be found here.