2012 Ferrari 612 Shooting Brake spy shots

Our spy photographers have managed to get more shots of the controversial new car Ferrari is working on. It's rumoured to be an all-new Ferrari 612 Shooting Brake.
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And judging by these images, it certainly looks like the Prancing Horse is about to canter its way into Shooting Brake territory. At first, rumours, and our previous spy shot reports, thought the large rear end was simply a way of Ferrari disguising a possible next-generation Ferrari 612 Coupe by confusing speculators.

But with these images, things are a little different. We can see the back window is fixed into position and is placed out in the distance to match up with what could be a real Shooting Brake rear pillar section or hatch.

Obviously the front of the car has been dressed in considerable disguise, with a large front overhang showcasing a truly hideous boxy design. However, the front lights are reportedly similar in design to those found on the Ferrari 458 Italia and the bonnet line does seem to be quite low and elegant.

Another aspect to this car that raised some suspicion was the fact that it might be all-wheel drive. These pictures prove the new Ferrari could indeed be all-wheel drive as it is seen here driving on snow without spiked tyres, snow chains or even aggressively-patterned snow tyres.

From the back it looks like the new model will feature a similar tail light design as the current Ferrari 458 Italia with its singular circle-shaped lenses (although it is quite hard to tell as the lights on this test mule are extended outwards to protrude past the extensive body disguise).

The extended exhaust pipes also suggest the rear end might still be under construction and might overhang a little bit more on the production car.

Our photographers also managed to get a glimpse of the inside of this car too, and told us that the rear window is actually in that position from the interior - that it wasn't put there as a fake to confuse onlookers.

The Ferrari 612 Shooting Brake, or whatever Ferrari decides to call it, is expected to debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March. We'll keep you posted.