The mighty Lexus LFA has been tested and tortured by many driving experts and journalists around the world since its debut in 2009, but it hasn't actually gone into production until now. Lexus has announced the first production model has just rolled off the line.
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Production was initiated in Toyota City, in Japan on January 15 and it has taken two days for the first example to be built. Lexus says up to 15,000 different aspects of the car have to be assembled to complete the building process, and the majority of those aspects are put together by hand.

We must remember many elements of the Lexus LFA supercar are made of lightweight composite materials and loads of carbon fibre. These materials need to go through a special bonding process to ensure a thorough finish. All in all, it means up to 170 workers need to be employed to make the production process efficient.

The same goes for the engine. It's a hand-built 4.8-litre V10 that has many intricate details. The engine is also very light and small, taking up about as much room as a conventional V8 and weighing around the same as a conventional V6.

On top of this, each car is built using a 3500-page journal that records each account of the building process, and then another 300-page journal that keeps records of the assembly process. These journals are assigned to each car and can be used as a reference if any customers place an inquiry.

Just 500 examples of the 412kW supercar will be made, with only eight of them heading to Australia.