The Lexus IS F sports sedan has been given a racing makeover by Lexus and Toyota Racing Development (TRD), and the final products have just been unveiled at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon. Introducing the Lexus IS F Circuit Club Sport Racer and Lexus IS F Club Performance Accessory.
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Although the name might be a bit long-winded, the IS F CCSR is a highly stripped out version of the IS F and features a number of lightweight revisions.

The most obvious of which includes a carbon fibre rear wing, front spoiler, bonnet and boot lid. Inside, even more carbon is used for the dashboard layout, centre console and door trims. There's also the inclusion of a roll cage inside along with race seats and harnesses.

Mechanical revision are just as extensive on the IS F CCSR, as all-new sports suspension is used, as well as a proper mechanical limited-slip differential and an uprated brake package.

If you are perhaps after something a little less highly-strung, Lexus and TRD also showcased the Lexus IS F Club Performance Accessory. This version still gets plenty of carbon fibre detail, in the form of a new bonnet, rear wing and front chin spoiler, only it's all a bit less extravagant.

There's also plenty of carbon used throughout the interior, such as carbon seats (covered in orange leather), a carbon centre fascia and carbon paddle shifters behind the steering wheel. The friendlier version still gets sports suspension, a mechanical LSD and uprated brakes as well.

Both cars do without any engine performance upgrades as the 5.0-litre, 311kW V8 already generates ample output.

Overall, the cars present a more active, athletic personality for the luxury sports sedan, and would be perfect for the track day enthusiast or weekend racer.

Weight savings and prices for the upgrades are yet to be announced.