With Porsche now officially part of the Volkswagen Group, the company has the serious task of doubling yearly sales to 200,000 vehicles. In order to that, Porsche may resort to producing in North America and China.
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Current Porsches are made at the company's German assembly plants in Zuffenhausen, near Stuttgart, and Leipzig, but according to Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller they are not sufficient to meet his company's ambitious sales targets.

"We will consider this year whether to start production in Asia or North America," Mueller said to Focus (German magazine).

It's not the first time Porsche has built its vehicles outside of Germany, brand enthusiasts would remember a time when the Boxster was being built by a contracted company in Finland. Mueller believes any moves to build offshore won't cause the brand any harm "We are OK as long as we can say our cars are 'engineered by Porsche" he told WirtschaftsWoche magazine in a separate interview.

If the plan was to go ahead, there is a likelihood that Porsche may manufacture its new Cajun SUV in China alongside its Audi sibling, the Q5. The Chinese market has been profitable for the German manufacturer as it looks to expand its dealer network from 35 to 85.

Even with additional factories, the famous sportscar maker will not be able to meet its expected sales volume without introducing new models. Apart from the Cajun, Porsche is considering a "baby Porsche" roadster and a targa variants of the popular Cayman.

With Volkswagen taking over the old Karmann factory in Osnabrueck, Germany, at the beginning of this year, Porsche can make use of the facility to build additional Boxster and Cayman units to meet demand.

Would you think any differently of a Chinese made Porsche?