It was always expected, but Mercedes-Benz has officially confirmed that it will be putting the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG E-Cell into production. The company says launching the car will be apart of the 'AMG Perfomance 2015' strategy.
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It's thought that the production model will carry much of the same technology over from the bright green/yellow prototype previewed earlier this year. This means it will get a similar, if not identical, powertrain to the prototype, using a 48kWh lithium-ion battery pack to power four motors.

Just because it's an electric, 'eco-car' doesn't mean the mighty AMG will be any kind of dawdling golf cart. In prototype form it offers 392kW of power and a monstrous 880Nm of torque, topping out just 28kW shy of the petrol V8's potential. It will out-torque the sibling by more than 200Nm though, providing a truly gut-wrenching surge of acceleration off the mark.

Acceleration times are said to be on par with the petrol version as well, with 0-100km/h coming up in around 4.0 seconds.

CEO of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Car, Dr. Dieter Zetsche, confirmed production at the recent 2011 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, saying,

"The SLS Gullwing will be available in an electric version, all electric version, starting from 2013 in the normal showroom."

Check out the video below for a more valid confirmation (don't take too much notice of the voiceover however, '40 seconds from 0-100km/h' is obviously incorrect as perhaps elements of communication were lost in translation).